Casino card Games: List of best casino online games

Casino card Games: List of best casino online games

Casino card games have always been in the spotlight. Their variety, relative simplicity and profitability have ensured their continued popularity. Flavored with traditions, images developed in numerous films and literary works, games with the use of cards have forever entered the gold list of any gambling establishment.

Let’s take a quick look at the merits of card games:

  1. Profitability

In some card games, the house edge is around 1%. This is at least several times less than in most other games. For example, in European roulette, the house edge is 2.7%.

The most profitable card games are baccarat and blackjack.

The increased player advantage comes from greater freedom and decision-making. If in roulette the player only chooses the type of bet and its value, and everything else happens automatically, then in some card games you need to be able to correctly divide the cards received at the start, buy in addition, pass, if necessary, and so on.

In the aggregate, this is called the optimal strategy, but it simply cannot be in the roulette and similar games (for example, slots).

  1. Simplicity

In most casino card games, several cards are dealt to the player, which will then be compared with the dealer’s cards. If a person has mastered, for example, blackjack, he will easily master other games. In general, the principle is the same everywhere – only the number of starting cards and some basic rules change.

But this simplicity is apparent. Yes, some modern forms of poker are quite simple, but the same blackjack requires a lot of diligence and time from any gambler who wants to master it.

A significant part of the players dive headlong into the world of card gambling, but do not immediately understand that sometimes you really need to make the right decisions that really affect the profit. Getting used to roulette, slots, keno (where, in fact, you don’t need to think), players get used to giving themselves up to chance, “being automated”. And this is disastrous for a real player.

  1. Variety

A certain part of the players do not need high profits, complex strategies, they just want to have some fun. This type of player can easily find his own card game (we’ll talk about this below). The same principle holds true for professional players. And they will find a game to their liking – more difficult, for advanced gamblers. This is the advantage of card games. After all, there is no roulette for professionals and beginners, is there? There is only one roulette, but, for example, there are several poker varieties.

Greater audience reach is always beneficial. If everyone is able to find what they were looking for, the popularity of this type of game is guaranteed. This is what happened.

Now that we have figured out a little about the dignity of card games, it’s time to flesh them out.


One of the most famous gambling games. One of the names of the baccarat card game: macao. The game is very popular in online casinos. The principle here is similar to the essence of blackjack – two starting cards; the goal is to score 8-9 points. You can bet on a player, a bank or a draw.

In general, this game cannot be called “free” – not much depends on the player, but this is quite enough to be considered one of the most profitable card games. If you bet on the bank, the house edge will be just over 1%, if you bet on the player – 1.24%, but a draw is much less profitable – 7-14%.

In general, the difference between the pot and the player bet is negligible. The average irregular and even regular player (playing at low limits) will not notice any difference in profitability. Therefore, you can choose any of them. Draw should be avoided, despite the more tempting winning odds (8-9 to 1).

In conclusion, baccarat is great for those who do not want to bother with “optimal strategies”, complex calculations and other possible intricacies of gambling. Baccarat is for those who want to get a lot of excitement in the shortest possible time, relax and get good emotions.


In general, in the original poker, players play with each other, and the dealer only deals cards. But this is not accepted in online casinos. Real poker tables can be found in large offline establishments, as well as in specialized online rooms.

Over the years, casino poker has evolved into a number of varieties (described below), in which the player is confronted by the dealer. This reduces the player’s advantage, since he is not playing against a person (even though the dealer and homo sapiens), but against a certain set of rules. The dealer does not make any “left” decisions, but only follows the instructions, which, as you know, are created in such a way as to neutralize the player’s attempts to get at least some positive mathematical expectation.

Pai Gow Poker

A game that is gaining popularity in online casinos every year. Differs in relative complexity. Pai go poker really has an optimal strategy that helps to reduce the house edge to 2.7% (like in roulette).

At the start, the dealer and the player are dealt seven cards face down. The player’s task is to divide the seven cards into two groups: five (top) and two (bottom) cards in each group. The dealer will do the same. Then the resulting combinations (lower and upper) will be compared.

Pai Gow Poker Strategy

To fully master Pai Gow Poker and play as efficiently as possible, it will take many hours of mastering theoretical knowledge and applying it in practice. But the most important rule is as follows:

The lower combination should be as strong as possible, but at the same time weaker than the upper one. For example, if a player has only a pair, then it goes to the top, and the highest cards to the bottom.

Now imagine how many nuances there are in every possible scenario. How to divide large ready-made combinations: straights, flushes, full houses, four of a kind, etc.? What to do with sets, two pair, and so on? There are a lot of questions and there is an answer to each of them in the optimal strategy.

If you follow it completely, you can achieve the benefits described just above (2.7%). Otherwise, an inexperienced player can lose very much.

Caribbean Stud Poker

A game similar to blackjack, only at the start, five cards are dealt to the player and to the dealer, and one of the dealer’s cards is face down. This gives the player additional information whether to keep playing or fold.

If he chooses to pass, he will lose the ante – a mandatory bet at the beginning of each round. If he agrees to continue, then the cards are revealed and compared. The strength of the combinations is the same as in the original poker.

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