The Story Behind “Paradise Club”

The story of Paradise Club…

…began in 1968 when I lived in San Francisco during those wild days of
revolution. Joy and pain, sex and death, all lived out, all somehow endured
under the spell of the music.

Paradise Club is the story of this yearning for freedom, this burst of brilliant
light that started to go bad almost as soon as it had dazzled the eyes of so
many hopeful young people. By the end of 1969, the dream was over, the
light went out, and we were left blinded, groping in darkness trying to find
that door marked “paradise”. The door was locked, the key lost somewhere
along the road. But “what a long, strange trip itʼs been”!

Green Manalishi Duo, Paradise Club by Carolyn Cavallero

I put what I remembered in this movie.

I didnʼt want to slick it up or modernize it, I wanted it to be as it was. The
scenes are filtered throughmy eyes. When I looked at the stage and the
band and the dancers I was dazzled again by the light and I felt the ghosts
of the Sixties live again.

The music is everything. It is the Greek chorus, the lyrics are dialogue. I
had the great pleasure to work with music producer Daniel Lanois and
singer songwriter Rocco De Luca. They created music that haunts the
movie. There are also many songs from the Sixties which urge us on
and on, never letting go, merciless, tightening their grip until finally and
suddenly there is nothing left but silence.

Carolyn Cavallero
Paradise Club Director

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